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BANQUET $35-40 Home Style

Banquet «Home Style»

Mon – Thu    Fri and Sun     Sat              

         $35              $38             $40


1.  Buzhenina 

2.  Salad «Nectar» (with cabbage, olive oil and lemon juice)

3.  Pickled Vegetables

4.  Salad «Richelieu» (Meat Salad)

5.  Fresh Vegetables Salad

6.  Herring with onion

7.  Salad “Nostalgia” (Jewish Style - Chicken Liver Salad)


1.  Potato with garlic and dill

2. «Khachapuri» (Mozzarella – Feta cheese Pastry)

3.  Fish "Brizol" (Fried and Baked)


Chicken Pilaf  

or  Pork Pilaf    


1.   Mini Cakes   

Soda, Tea and Coffee (Unlimited)


All our Banquets can be customized to your unique tastes and occasions!!!  

For further details please call  718-616-1399