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Difference between "CASPIY SIGNATURE" and "SUPER"  are the Highlighted dishes.

                                     COLD APPETIZERS

1. SALMON TARTARE (Fresh and light taste of all ingredients. Prepared with a great combination of spices and   herbs: salmon fillet, chives, red onion, capers, lemon juice, and olive oil)     

2. Veal-Chicken Roulade

3. Duck Salad (with Berries in Sweet Raspberry vinaigrette)

4. Pickled Vegetables + Home Made Marinated Mushrooms 

5. TUNA FONDUE(One of the favorite picks. Looped chunks of fresh sushi grade tuna over sturdybamboo skewers. Served with orange ginger dipping.

6. TENDERLOIN SALAD(This bright and bold-tasting salad. Spinach mixed with curly carrots cherry tomatoes, dried apricots, raisins and cranberries and thinly sliced cut into strips marinated tenderloin. Combined with homemade chef’s special sauce)      

7. GOOSE LIVER PARFAIT (It is a luxury, exquisite and stunningly delicious dish) Velvety rich, buttery, delicate and unctuous FOIE GRAS)


(Shrimps and avocado is a classic gorgeous, fantastic flavor combination.  Bites of crisp steamed shrimp alternating with creamy avocado, chopped tomatoes, bell pepper, jalapeno, cilantro all sprinkled with a tangy lime juice and extra virgin olive oil and just enough red onion to add a little bite)

9.  LARDON SALAD (The classic frisée lardon, the perfect combination of warm and cool, fatty and crunchy. A frisée salad tossed with crunchy bacon and warm dressing, crumbled goat cheese and topped with a poached egg)

10. Appetizer “Barskaya” (Blend of Cheeses with Scallops,           Clamps, Octopuses on the Tomato Slices)

11. BON APPETIT BRUSCHETTA (It is a fresh and delicious appetizer. Chopped beautifully ripe tomatoes, red onion, vegetables, shrimps and fresh basil served on toasted, drizzled with olive oil, garlic and a bit of sea salt and fresh pepper slices of Italian or French bread)


12. Pineapple “Monte-Krista” (with Almond Sauce)

                            HOT APPETIZERS

1. POTATO PANCAKES with sour cream and caviar 

Or  Potatoes “Cloistral” (with mushrooms)

2. DUCK ROULADE CONFIT (Slowly, oven roasted golden brown duck, stuffed with prunes and apples. Served with rich sweet berries sauce)

3. FOIE GRAS (Famous French decadent luxury food (creamy, fatty liver). Seared medallions of Foie Gras are over   rings of caramelized pineapple and vol-au-van. A lingonberry and strawberry sauce with a balance of sweetness and acidity is the perfect complement to the fatty texture of Foie Gras)

4. JELLIED VEAL TRIANGLES(Triangles of jellied Veal, breaded in panko (bread crumbs) and roasted. Served with chef’s special sauce)

                             SEAFOOD PLATE

1. STURGEON (All Natural Adriatic White Sturgeon, seared with Danube Beurre Blanc Sauce)                   

2. Pasta “Palermo” (seafood pasta)

3. Jumbo Shrimps in French Suprême sauce    

4. New Zealand Mussels in white sauce

                            MEAT ENTRIES

1. "CHALAHACH" (Grilled Rack of Lamb)



1. Assorted Fruit platter    

2. Mini Cakes   

Soda, Tea and Coffee (Unlimited)

All our Banquets can be customized to your unique tastes and occasions!!!

Gluten free dishes are also available by your request


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